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The Charming Ensemble of Natural Timber and Raw Oak Frames

Hello, art enthusiasts and interior aficionados! One of our daily joys here at Murray’s is getting the opportunity to design and create picture frames that not only protect cherished art pieces but also amplify their allure. Today, we want to share some information and inspiration on a very popular choice of frame: Natural Timber and Raw Oak Frames.

An Ode to Nature’s Palette

One must embrace the spontaneity of natural timber. When you choose a frame made from raw oak or another type of raw timber, nature has a whimsical way of bringing its palette to the table. Sometimes, the sample on our wall and the final piece are not exactly the same. Trees, similar to us are each unique and have their own unique personalities. The grain patterns and colours can change from tree to tree (and within the same tree!)

Fresh timber has a rosy cheek – it often arrives with a pink colour that is eager and fresh. But, once you get it home and place it on your wall, it slowly ages. The gentle embrace of light and the whisper of time cause the timber to darken or adopt a golden hue. This transition is a testament to its journey and a reflection of its natural beauty.

Take into account that when you look at a sample in the showroom, it’s like a photograph from the past. That sample has stories to tell, as it has been through many hands, many artworks and photos, years of light and air. It has ‘aged’, and in its aging, it has adopted subtle changes in colour and texture.

While we've spoken of the surprises that natural timber and raw oak may bring, there's a heartwarming beauty in this variation. Each frame, with its unique patterns and evolving shades, is like no other. It’s a symphony composed by nature, and each frame is an exclusive rendition. They will speak to each other like a tree in a forest but upon closer inspection, their individual beauty and charm will present itself.

Natural timber and raw oak frames morph exquisitely into their surroundings. The unadulterated texture and character of the wood enrich modern spaces with an organic touch. Equally, in traditional settings, they echo the timeless and classic virtues that make a house a home.

Artwork: "Red Dust and Mulga" by Sharon Roberts Available for purchase in the MyArt Gallery

A Nod to Consistency

If your heart yearns for uniformity and restrained variation, fret not. There is beauty in veneered or coated frames. There is a variety of finishes available from painted and limewashed coatings to timber veneer and vinyl application. These charming alternatives allow for limited colour variation, while still embracing a touch of nature.

Parting Notes

In conclusion, natural timber and raw oak frames are like poetry - they speak in hues and textures. With open arms and a knowing smile, embrace the spontaneity they bring, or find solace in the comforting embrace of veneered or coated alternatives. In the gallery of life, they are all masterpieces in their right.

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