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Fountain Pens, Pen Sets, Nibs & Holders, Calligraphy Brushes & Inks


In our store we stock steel nibs of many brands, styles and sizes. Most of these are bought individually with a nib holder and we also supply a variety of inks to use with them. The most beautiful inks are the Iroshizuku, which come in about 30 colours. Other ink brands that can be used with dip pens are Daler Rowney FW (which include a pearlescent range) and Amsterdam. We of course, have traditional calligraphy ink, as well as Sumi and Indian inks.

Pens with cartridges and felt tips are popular too and are available in either flat or chisel styles, in a wide range of colours and sizes. These are easy to carry in a bag for use anywhere. We have specialty calligraphy pens and chisel tip markers from Pilot, Copic, Elegant writer, Artline, Parallel Pen, Speedball, Brause and more. Come in and try them out today. The most fun of this type is the Elegant Writer, where the black splits into a violet and green shade when hit with water. These pens are also useful for sketching on location.

Pilot fountain pens are excellent gifts, available in a case. Writing sets and pen sets are helpful to get you started and make beautiful gifts for calligraphy enthusiasts. And not forgetting pens for left-handed calligraphers too.

We stock traditional Chinese supplies including sable brushes, goat-hair brushes, bamboo pens, ink sticks and Sumi ink. Specialist paper for calligraphy includes the lightweight Arttec calligraphy pad with slope card to bleedproof paper, Stonehenge by the sheet in a range of colours and hot-pressed water colour papers in a range of weights.

Explore our range of calligraphy accessories including brushes, brush cleaner, water brushes, nib holders, converters, ink cartridges, pipettes, white ink, bleedproof ink, metallic effects, gold and silver leaf (real and imitation) and sizing, palettes, spritzers and more.

Pilot Parallel Pen
These steel tip pens come in 6 tip widths and with coloured or black refills. They are water-soluble, so are useful for sketching also, though the ink is very dense and spreads easily. This unique pen features two parallel plates on the nib point to create beautiful, sharper lines than existing calligraphy pens can. The pen utilises a special formulated ink that is mixable and exclusive to using with Parallel pens. It can produce attractive, graduated colours by transferring ink from one pen nib to another and creating blended colour lines.*

*Information provided by Pilot

Although we do not have an online store, we are happy to help you over the phone.

We can deliver or post your items or put them aside in-store for collection. 

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