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Resin & Clay

Air-dry clay & stoneware clay for kiln firing, carving tools, plaster and silicon mould making, a selection of resins for pouring, artwork finishes, jewellery making and food safe applications.


Our clay and resin section includes a range of products used in modelling and sculpture. Sculpture can include techniques such as hand-building to wheel-throwing of clay; casting, mould-making, and carving. We stock a selected range of modelling products for you to use in your next sculpture or 3D construction and a selection of epoxy resin products.

We try to keep a variety of clay on hand but due to its popularity it can sell out very fast. If you require a large quantity of clay or resin or require a specific type for a project, we recommended phoning ahead of time so that we can confirm what you are looking for is in stock and place an order with our suppliers if necessary. We are happy to process your order over the phone to avoid the disappointment of missing out.

Clay stock can include:
•    Mad Clay, non-toxic for hobbies, school projects and home play - dries hard without firing
•    White Sun Clay 5kg – dries hard without firing
•    White in 10kg, 1.5kg – firing recommended
•    Terracotta in 10kg, 5kg, 1.5kg – firing recommended
•    White Porcelain body 5kg upon request


Other products include:
•    Plaster of paris – bandages and powder
•    A selection of  carving tools and other accessories
•    A limited range of silicone moulding products
•    Art Cast Resin, Watercote Polyurethane resin, and Epoxy Ultra clear resin for use with food safe items such as platters.

Although we do not have an online store, we are happy to help you over the phone.

We can deliver or post your items or put them aside in-store for collection. 

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