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Find the right palette to suit every medium. We have plastic palettes with wells, airtight, easy peel, tear off, timber, travel, and palettes suitable for kids.


Not all palettes are alike. The surface you choose to mix on comes down to the medium you are using and how much space you desire. Our selection of palettes come in different materials, sizes, well depths and some with lids extend the life of your colours once they’re out of the tube.

Our range includes:

  • Watercolour colour keeper palettes with deep wells, mixing areas and a lid

  • Porcelain palettes specifically for watercolour

  • For acrylic and oil paint we have palettes made from melamine, plexiglass, wooden kidney shapes and acrylic offcuts.

  • Disposable pads, tear-off paper pads

  • Sta-Wet, a paper palette with a plastic snap tight lid to keep acrylic paint moist on the open palette for hours with the lid closed.

  • Plastic palettes with lids great for gouache

  • Small metal travel palettes with pan inserts

  • Solvent cups and storage cups


Although we do not have an online store, we are happy to help you over the phone.

We can deliver or post your items or put them aside in-store for collection. 

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