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Canvas & Boards

Stretched Canvas, Rolled Canvas, Stretched Linen, Panels & Boards


At Murray’s you have a wide range of surfaces to choose from for your next artwork. We stock surfaces in various textures, materials, shapes and sizes, from professional artist quality canvas to a specialised range of pre-primed boards to suit all mediums. 



We have rolls of professional artist quality canvas available by the metre or convenient pre-cut lengths of one and two metres in the following materials:
•    12oz cotton 100% pre-primed in white or black
•    8oz canvas un-primed
•    10oz Linen primed

Stretched Canvases
We stock CreateART canvases because we love the quality. Our range includes stretched canvas in narrow edge, deep edge, gallery bracing in 100% cotton, and stretched linen in either white or transparent gesso.

CreateART Narrow Artists Canvases
This 16mm stretched canvases are an entry level range of stretched canvases.   Designed with students and art classes in mind and stretched over a kiln dried stretcher bar 16mm x 30mm.  The triple primed gesso is formulated to ensure consistency in the painting surface with no need to apply additional gesso.*

CreateART Wide Artists Canvases
This 37mm stretched canvases are designed for artists that require a reliable quality stretched canvas.  380gsm triple primed titanium white cotton canvas is stretched over a pine stretcher bar which is suitably braced and has a rounded edge profile. This product is a leader in its class and fantastic value for money.*

CreateART Artist Gallery  Canvases
This range of 450gsm unbleached pure cotton duck canvases have been designed with professional artists and galleries in mind. This superior product features corner and centre bracing and a milled 35mmx35mm rounded edge heavy duty pine stretcher bar.  A quality gallery accepted canvas, for use by the professional artist.*

CreateART Artist Gallery Linen Canvases
This range has been designed for professional artists and galleries who appreciate linen's investment status.  This range features 18x58mm corner and centre bracing and a milled 35mmx35mm rounded edge heavy duty pine stretcher bar. A reliable surface for the professional artist, this range is available in a 500gsm triple primed 100% pure linen, and a 450gsm 100% pure linen with a transparent primer.*

Wright & Co. Canvases
Looking for a superior canvas with an ultra-smooth gesso suitable for the highest detail work? We found it with these top-of-the-line super smooth canvases. The tightly woven polycotton with 18x55mm corner and centre bracing and a milled 35mm rounded edge heavy duty pine stretcher bar makes a quality gallery accepted canvas for use by the professional artist.*


CreateART canvas boards
350gsm pure cotton canvas laminated to a firm 3mm MDF panel.  The medium tooth canvas provides a good substrate for those who like to paint on a hard surface.  This range is designed with art students in mind or artists that would like to frame their works on completion.  They are available in twin packs and are great value for money.*

Ampersand Museum Series Panels
Made with conservator-quality materials and sealing processes, Ampersand make exceptional surfaces that artists can trust. Murray’s is proud to carry a range of Ampersand panels and tools for use with Claybord and Scratchbord. Each of Ampersand’s Museum Series Panels are crafted from a premium warp-resistant 1/8" profile FSC-certified Hardbord™ that is protected with their proprietary Archiva-Seal™.**

A textured, highly absorbent surface designed for watercolor and gouache. Aquabord is coated with an acid-free clay and mineral ground with a texture similar to cold-pressed watercolor paper. Colors retain their purity and vibrancy in a way that even the finest of watercolor papers can't match and Aquabord allows artists to frame and display their watercolor without glass.**
Recommended for use with Acrylic, Casein, Gouache, Ink, Mixed media, Watercolor

An extremely versatile board coated with an acid-free kaolin clay ground that is perfect for mixed media. The ultra-smooth, absorbent clay surface allows for unlimited techniques: etching, erasing, reworking, adding color, and scratching it away to add contrast, texture, and fine detail.** A versatile product suitable for Acrylic, Airbrush, Alcohol inks, Casein, Collage, Egg tempera, Gouache, Graphic marker, Graphite, Image transfers, Ink, Mixed media, Mounting paper or photos, Oil, Paint pouring, Printmaking, Scratchboard and Watercolor.

A semi-smooth, semi-absorbent surface excellent for oil and acrylic painting. Gessobord is coated with professional-grade acrylic gesso. It is an acid-free, archival, museum-quality panel.** Recommended media & techniques include Acrylic, Airbrush, Casein, Cold wax, Collage, Graphic marker, Image transfers, Mixed media, Oil, Paint pouring, Printmaking.

A medium textured, highly absorbent surface designed for pastels. Pastelbord is coated with an acid-free clay and gesso ground with a marble dust finish. Artists choose Pastelbord because the tooth of the marble dust finish holds more layers of pastel than paper and it is versatile enough to be used with wet and dry applications.** Excellent for Acrylic, Casein, Charcoal, Colored pencil, Graphite, Mixed media and of course Pastel.

Coated with an ultra-smooth, highly absorbent, acid-free kaolin clay ground with India ink, Scratchbord is easier to scratch into for clean, crisp details and lines and unlike paper scratchboards it will not rip, tear, bend, or wrinkle.** Recommended media & techniques include Acrylic, Airbrush, Collage, Ink and Scratchboard

Ampersand “The Artist Panel”
Ampersand's Primed Smooth Artist Panel is a smooth, semi-absorbent multimedia panel that is primed and coated with acid-free acrylic gesso. The smooth surface allows for amazing detail work and is great for oil, acrylic, mixed media, paint pouring, graphite, collage, mounting, alcohol ink, heavy impasto, and much more! **


Other artist’s boards available in store include:
Art Spectrum un-primed basswood panels in square and circle shapes and various sizes.

Information provided by *CreateART & ** Ampersand

Although we do not have an online store, we are happy to help you over the phone.

We can deliver or post your items or put them aside in-store for collection. 

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