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Hanging Systems & Fixtures

D.I.Y. installation made easy with a range of picture hooks, fixtures and hanging wire. Turn your wall into a gallery with a Artiteq State of the art Hanging System.


Murray’s offers a range of solutions for getting your artwork onto the wall. Many people like to take the economical option of making their own framing and some just like to create every element of their artwork.  Our do-it-yourself framing section has a range of hardware to help you furnish your artworks appropriately for hanging. Our friendly staff can give you advice on gallery standards if you are framing to exhibit.


Fixtures, equipment, and materials usually kept on hand include:

  • Various sided D-Rings and screws sold separately and in packs

  • Picture wire and cord in a variety of lengths and strengths

  • Felt dots

  • Stand-backs

  • Poster Holders

  • Picture rail hooks

  • a variety of tapes including framers’ tape, gummed paper, double sided and hinging tape for mounting and finishing.

For the carpenter or competent wood worker, you can order mouldings by the stick and new glass cut to size. We often have on hand silver and gold leafing pens, gold size and pure gold leaf or imitation silver, gold and copper metal leaf,  ideal for furniture restoration and decorative projects including picture frames and glassware etc.


Equipment needed for DIY Mat board cutting including:

  • A range of Logan mat cutters

  • Cutting mats in various sizes

  • Steel rulers

  • Snap-off style cutters, Excel knives and spare blades.

  • Large sheets of mats at budget prices as well as over 300 colours that we can order in for you.

Prefer us to make it for you? We stock a range of pre-made timber frames and offer professional framing services including mat board cut to size using your measurements and custom picture framing. Check out our Picture Frames section and Framing page for more information.

Hanging Systems
The Artiteq system allows the serious collector to install a professional gallery system in the home or workplace so works can be moved simply and easily without marking the walls. We stock a range of rails, kits and accessories including individual click rails, twisters, hooks, corner and end caps, and are happy to order in any components needed to complete your hanging system.

Although we do not have an online store, we are happy to help you over the phone.

We can deliver or post your items or put them aside in-store for collection. 

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