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Materials, tools and accessories to suit relief printing, intaglio printing, and screen printing. 


Relief Printing
Relief printing is a method of printmaking where ink is applied to a printing block or plate to coat the non-recessed surface. When brought into contact with paper, the parts of the plate that have been carved away will not leave ink on the paper. The most common form of relief printing is lino block printing.

Products we stock for Relief Printing include:
•    Lino blocks including silk cut grey in standard and oversized sheets and doubled sided vinyl
•    Rubber and latex blocks
•    A large range of Lino cutting tools by brands Sakura & Speedball
•    Soft Rubber Rollers in a range of sizes
•    Hard Rubber Rollers in a range of sizes
•    Complete Lino Cutting & Printing box sets
•    Stamp carving kits


Intaglio Printing
Considered the opposite to relief printing, intaglio refers to techniques in which the image is incised into a surface and the incised line or sunken area holds the ink. When printing this leaves ink on the paper from the recessed areas. Examples of Intaglio include engraving, etching and drypoint.

Products we stock for Intaglio Printing include:
•    Charbonnel Etching ink & Aqua wash
•    Etching scribes
•    Needle Dry Point
•    Bamboo Barens Burnishers
•    Acetate sheets
•    Ampersand Scratchbord, tool kits, fiber brush, wire brush and line tool
•    Tarlatan


Screen Printing
This printing process involves pressing ink through a fine mesh screen that has been stretched over a frame (often called a silk screen) to expose a printed design. This process requires a blocking stencil to be applied to the screen prior to printing using a layer of emulsion and a negative image of the design. Screen printing is commonly used for fabric printing.

Products we stock for Screen Printing include:
•    Silk screens and squeegees
•    Permaset Aqua ink including Supercover in white
•    Graphix Frisket film
•    Ezicut stencil paper


Other printmaking supplies we stock may include:
•    Gel Press Gel Printing Plates for mono-printing - create one-of-a-kind prints in various shapes and sizes.
•    Cyanotype Sets for photographic blueprints on paper and fabric
•    Strawboard cut for bookbinding and by the sheet
•    Single sheets of acetate
•    Individual sheets of Printing Foam – a safe, easy and economical introductory to printmaking
•    Tie Dye kits

Although we do not have an online store, we are happy to help you over the phone.

We can deliver or post your items or put them aside in-store for collection. 

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