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Artist Profile: Micah Doron

We would like to introduce a new artist to the MyArt Gallery. Micah Doron (Pronounced Mee-Ka) is an academically trained artist who has dedicated his life to the practice of fine art. Drawing inspiration from nautical and figurative themes, Micah's art practice has led him on travels across Australia, Europe and Asia.

These travels have provided Micah opportunities to fully observe the interplay of light on water and explore more diverse figurative subjects. Whether working En Plein Air or from his studio in Clear Mountain Queensland, Micah's approach is characterised by meticulous attention to detail.

Utilising traditional mediums like oil on archival materials, such as linen or polycotton, each of his paintings is a labour-intensive process that spans several weeks, if not longer. Micah's work often incorporates narrative elements and whimsical characters hidden within the canvas, awaiting discovery by the observer. To him, each painting is not merely a surface covered in paint but a portal to another world, justifying the substantial time investment, sometimes reaching up to 120 hours for a single piece.

Gold Coast Sand Castles By Micah Doron

Micah's artistic journey includes earning his Fine Art Degree at the University of Reading (England), followed by a Postgraduate program at the University of Manchester, Didsbury School of Education. He further honed his skills at the North Adelaide School of Art, where he produced a series of animalier lost wax bronzes, culminating in a residency at Adelaide Zoo.

His artistic endeavours have spanned both the UK and Australia, including exhibitions at prestigious events like the Edinburgh and Melbourne festivals. Micah has also contributed to various public art projects, leaving his mark both locally and internationally.

Most recently Micah has exhibited at the Downlands Annual Exhibition (2023) and is featured at the Toowoomba Art Society Spring Exhibition and our very own MyArt Gallery. Micah was awarded the ‘Anne and Fred Gardiner Award for Best Picture’ for his “Floating I” painting and received a highly commended for “Floating II” at the 2023 Toowoomba Art Society Spring Exhibition.

Pop in a see Micah

’s bronze crocodile and some of his incredible oil paintings at MyArt Gallery in Murray’s Art and Framing, 485 Ruthven St. Toowoomba.

Walking Crocodile in Bronze by Micah Doron



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