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We stock a wide range of pallettes to suit every medium. We have plastic palettes with wells, airtight, easy peel, tear off, timber, travel, and palettes suitable for kids.

Watercolour Palettes

Products we stock in this range with deep wells, mixing areas and a lid including:

Neef Watercolour Palettes in 2, 3 and 4 wells

Sterling Edwards Palette

Fusion Sealable Watercolour Palette

Folding travel palette

Lotus/Flower Palette


Oil Palettes

Products we stock in this range include: 

Timber Oil Palettes

Tear-off Paper Palettes in a  range of sizes

New Wave Table Top Palette

Acrylic Palettes

Products we stock in this range include:

Easy Lift Palete by New Wave

Fredi Webber Peel Off Palettes

A variety of tear-off paper, open and sealable palettes

A range of storage cups to save your custom mixed colours