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Art In Bloom Exhibition

Murray’s Art & Framing are excited to announce the first Art in Bloom Exhibition. This seasonal exhibition explores the myriads of ways in which artists interpret and depict the beauty, renewal, and transformation observed in nature during the Spring season. From blossoming flowers to green landscapes and lively fauna. Art in Bloom invites viewers to immerse themselves in a gallery adorned with artworks that capture the spirit and vitality of springtime.

People’s Choice Award

In participating in this Exhibition, artists will go in the running for the People’s Choice Award with the chance to win $200 worth of framing and art supplies of your choosing!* See terms and conditions.


Artists can submit maximum of two artworks. See Gallery terms & conditions for artwork restrictions. Voting will take place in-store only, during Carnival of Flowers from 13 September to 7 October 2024. Winner will be announced the following week. Gallery visitors will be invited to vote for their favourite artwork during this time. Votes are limited to one per person to ensure a fair outcome. The prize will consist of a gift voucher redeemable for arts supplies and framing only at Murray’s Art & Framing Toowoomba. The gift voucher prize is not redeemable for the purchase of workshop tickets or artworks in our gallery.

How to apply:

Use the form below to apply. Alternatively you can collect an application form in-store at Murray's Art & Framing.  Applications close midnight Tuesday 6th August 2024. Successful artists will be notified by the following week, for delivery of artworks on the Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st August 2024.  Exhibition Duration 1st September 2024 to 30th November 2024.


Thank you for your application! We will be in touch via email!

Exhibition Terms and Conditions:
Artist Responsibilities

Upon acceptance into the Art in Bloom Exhibition, this is what is expected of our artists:

  • Works must be delivered together and will be subject to a selection process. If work is not delivered by these specified delivery dates, the artists risk missing out on being represented during that period.

  • Work must be the original work of the artist. Please respect the artistic copyright and intellectual property of other artists and photographers. It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that work displayed does not breach Australian or International intellectual property law.

  • For the Art in Bloom exhibition, there is a size limitation of 1 metre on the longest side.

  • For this exhibition, framing of wall art is preferred but professional presentation is accepted. Artworks to be framed for display must be delivered eight weeks before the intake date to allow them to be included in the framing schedule.

  • Works are exclusive to our gallery for the full three-month period. If works are committed elsewhere, please don’t submit them. We encourage you to advertise that you have work hanging at Murray’s Art and Framing’s MyArt Gallery. Leads from your own social media posts should be directed to the gallery so they can view the work and pay instore. If an artwork is sold while on display, commission is payable. Works sold privately during the display period have commission payable upon collection, prior to delivery to your client. If sold as a result of being on display, even after the 3-month period, commission is still payable.

  • Works must not have been shown in the MyArt Gallery within the last 12 months. Re-hangs may be considered at the curator’s discretion.

  • An Artist Statement is sometimes requested by a buyer, please provide a copy of your most relevant version.

Gallery Responsibilities

As the curator of this program, Murray's Art & Framing will:

  • MyArt Gallery will display your artwork in a professional manner for a period three months.

  • Allocation of window space will be at the curator’s discretion.

  • A Peoples Choice competition will be run in store and the winner will be announced after the voting period is complete.

  • We operate a commission referral service for artists. Upon acceptance of a commissioned artwork, Murray’s Art and Framing will facilitate the sale of the artwork with the standard 33% commission payable to Murray’s Art & Framing. This is a mandatory condition, and failure to comply may result in consequences such as a reduction in future gallery opportunities.

  • Commission on all artwork sales is 33%. Prices submitted to the Gallery curator will be deemed whole and to include commission and GST where applicable.

  • Payments for sales of artworks will be processed and made to the artist during the following month.

  • Upon submission of artworks, the artist grants Murray’s Art and Framing permission to use photographs of artwork for advertising purposes. We advertise through our social media profiles. Providing the Gallery with high quality digital images for this purpose will allow us to better promote your artworks.

  • While we take the utmost care, Murray’s Art and Framing is not liable for any damage or loss of works while in our care. It is the responsibility for the artist to insure their works.

By completing this agreement, artists are agreeing to these conditions.

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